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Online Course With Court Certificate

Online Self-Learning Course with Court Certificate [over 3500 clients have been issued with court certificates in the last 14 years, covering Intervention Orders, Family Court Orders and Criminal Courts].

  • Online self-learning course sent to your email address when you register
  • You pay the $199 by credit card or Paypal and register
  • The course is immediately sent to your email address so that you can work on it any time of day or night. You can stop and restart anytime.
  • The course content comprises 4 modules of 30 minutes each. The format is PowerPoint slides with voice-over. The total course time is 2 hours.
  • In addition, four techniques are taught, one at the end of each module. These take another 2 hours but are not part of the requirements to complete the course.
  • On completion, send an email to and receive an approved court certificate within 24 hours of sending the email.

Over 1000 certificates have been issued and accepted by the courts in the last 14 years.

Cost $199

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